2-in-1-Trestle-Accessory, long


« 2-in-1 » accessory for  Trestle 100    

A twofold use in a snap: saddle support & cleaning accessory!
Accessory to be fixed on Trestles.

Easy as “1-2-3” :
1- Saddle-rack at first sight,
2-Upturn the saddle-rack on the trestle…
3- and there you get a cleaning accessory !

90 cm Long. Convenient for 2 classic saddles.

175,00 € tax incl.

Why to add a saddle holder ?
Although the ergonomic shape of our trestles’ upper bar is efficient enough, the 2-in-1-Trestle-Accessory provides greater stability especially while cleaning the saddle  or,  as for saddle makers, while working on it.
Cleaning the underside of your saddle is no longer a chore !

Instructions :
Equipped with a threaded rod to be passed through the upper crosspieces of the trestle
Set the accessory as required upside or downside.
Tighten with a simple "butterfly" screws

Screw & stopper provided.

  • Height 15 cm
  • Width 27 cm
  • Depth 90 cm
  • Weight 4 kg