Western/Side Trestle Accessory


An Ecurybois exclusivity!

It allies the convenience of the saddle racks and the usability of the trestles to create a useful cleaning and storage space: stable, easy to store, even easy to take away.

It is provided with a threaded rod, to be passed through the hole of the upper crosspiece. Fix it with a wing nut (locking lug and wing nut are provided).

For western saddles and side-saddles.

109,00 € tax incl.

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Why shall you add a saddle support ?

Even if the ergonomic shape of our trestles’ upper bar is efficient enough to maintain your saddles, this extra support will generate an optimal stability, especially when saddles need to be cleaned and treated.

Practical point: easy to fix, it remains removable. You can bend and stow away the trestle while the saddle rack is still attached to it. To do so, slightly unscrew the wing nut.

This accessory can easily be fixed on store purchased trestles, but we therefore can’t guarantee the stability and solidity of the trestle/saddle rack set.

  • Height 10 cm
  • Width 58 cm
  • Depth 60 cm
  • Weight 3 kg