Side saddle wall rack Set


Wall Set consisting of 3 pieces to self-assembly :

1. Backboard /  2. Side Saddle rack  /3.  Saddlecloth rack.

The saddle rack ensures a perfect fit. In Made of untreated spruce, the wood absorbs humidity and let the saddle pad “breath”.The saddlecloth is stored within reach, near the saddle.

Sets are delivered disassembled.

179,00 € tax incl.

The ECURYBOIS wall Sets includes 3 parts :

-1 backboard, 60 cm wide. It protects the saddle from the wall.

-1 saddle rack chosen according to the saddle type

-1 saddlecloth rack

Easy to self-assembly :Each rack is provided with a threaded rod, to be passed through the pre-drilled holes of the board-Fix the racks on the board using a 17 mm spanner.-Fix the set on the wall with a Phillips screw driver.-Screws, washers and nuts are provided.

  • Height 45 cm
  • Width 60 cm
  • Weight 9,6 kg
  • Profondeur 63 cm